Hybrid and island sources for uninterrupted power supply.
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When you’re restricted by the power grid.

The ENSTORE POWER BOX is designed to continuously supply the necessary power to all 12V, 24V and 48V DC devices in situations where intermittent power supplies occur or where mains power is not available at all. This ensures that your equipment remains powered and fully operational 24 hours a day.

DC voltage 12V, 24V and 48Vfor all devices.

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As an ideal example, public lighting lamps are powered by the mains during the night. At the same time, the EPB is recharged and stores energy for use when the public lighting is not powered. In this way, the continuous availability of energy for your equipment is ensured without the need to maintain a permanent connection to the mains. We refer to this concept as “charging at night, discharging during the day”, where the EPB ensures the continuous operation of the necessary equipment throughout the day.

This solution is particularly suitable for situations such as municipal cameras that need to continuously monitor a specific perimeter.

Energy for off-grid situations.

Similarly, the EPB is equally applicable in the opposite scenario, replacing unavailable grid electricity with solar energy, in conjunction with solar panels. EPB is fully prepared for this.

We refer to this principle as “charging during the day, discharging at night”, while the EPB also ensures the continuous operation of the necessary equipment 24 hours a day. Both principles can also be flexibly combined according to actual needs.

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Examples of what can be powered by EPB.

Individual cameras

Electronic premises security

Camera systems

Traffic speedometers

Radio systems

Road traffic signals

WiFi hot spots

Traffic lights

Monitoring centres

Docking station for mobile devices

We will be happy to recommend components for subsequent connection.

Advantages of EPB.

The EPB is equipped with SMART technology.

EPB allows remote monitoring.

EPB has its own cloud interface ENSTORE.

EPB has a minimum LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxid) battery life of 25 years.

The EPB has a wide operating temperature range.

The EPB has a degree of protection IP65.

The EPB has easy installation.

EPB offers the possibility of extended warranty.

Made in the Czech Republic.

We are direct manufacturers and suppliers.

We will be happy to recommend suitable EPB capacity.

We provide turnkey delivery and installation.

We can send you the product by post

"All-In" for direct installation.

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